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WHAT'S NEW: The Bratz ShowLove in the Darkness, and The Music in Me custom pages.

COMING SOON: Bratz Profiles, info. on the characters/dolls, and Forgive & Forget, a new series.


The Bratz Show 

**Season 2** 

Almost everyone is new on the Bratz Show and it's there time to shine. Now that Megan isn't in charge anymore, what could go wrong? Rumors are announced at the talk-time. Anger is released. Comedy is provided. Information about these students and everything Bratz is said here and we can't forget about the new set and Bratzluver10's is back with MyBlackcat6's. This isn't just a webcast. Anything could happen with any Brat. But at least this year the show can actually end peacefully. We hope. Although someone new is in charge every week, the co-host. And when monsters join the party, what can go wrong!?

For more information on this show go to, The Bratz Show.      

Love in the Darkness

**Season 2** 

If you thought Kimberly's life was crazy last year, wait until you see what's in store this year. Kimberly has found a new crush with Katy's new student teacher, but she is determined to find out what the ghost wants and how can she get rid of it, but she'll need some help from one of Destiny's old friends. Does Alex have a secret love life? Is there another ghost, but this time is it haunting Natalia? Can she keep her cool with her new boyfriend, Kimberly's brother, Kevin. Has Andrew found someone else he wants to spend the rest of his life with? And what is with Natalia's new look? And Destiny's? New faces. More action. More hidden love. What's a girl gotta do to have a normal life? And who will lose their life this time on SEASON 2!

For more information on this show go to, Love in the Darkness.

The Music in Me 

**Dedicated to AngelfaceProductionz** 

This is a series about a group of friends who think they have to let each other go when they move on to high school. What they don't realize is that they are going to the same high school. They aren't just friends, they are together in a rock band and made a promise to each other at the end of summer that they wouldn't "cheat" on the band. What they find on their journey to the preforming arts school is that some people in the school will do almost anything to make it big time. The group of friends are Selena and Justin, who are dating and think they have to break up; Drew and Dona, who are brother and sister and always fight; and Demi, who never really told Drew how she felt. Will the school of manipulating students pull then apart or will the love of music bring them together in their time of need.

For more information on this show go to, The Music in Me.

Bratz Next Top Model Cycle 2 (Closed)

**Available on Flickr** 

Real people who share a love for photography of Bratz dolls compete against each other and put their talents to the test by entering a doll as a model and must give their interpretation to a theme given to them every 10 days. At the end of every other week one model will have top photo that gives them CLEARANCE (the ability to not be eliminated for that week and the next). Although where there is first, there is a last...two girls will be put at the bottom two (or worst two photos) and one of them will be eliminated. At the end of the competition only one girl will be left standing and she will win the grand prize! A FREE DOLL! (and other prizes are included) Who will be on TOP? Based on the real reality TV show "America's Next Top Model" by Tyra Banks. All updates and other information can be found in my photostream through my flickr!

For more information go to it's personal section in Photos.

 For more information go to it's personal section in Photos.

Forgive & Forget (Coming this Fall)

**Previously known as Little White Lies**

More information will be provided soon.

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